Posh Dresses, Hot Men and Heaving Bosoms

I'm all about the Historical Fiction with a dash of romance. Bookworm, aspiring writer and closet romantic (ssh, don't tell anyone!) In mid-thirties, and work for a large entertainment chain in the UK. Worryingly, I am considering purchasing a third Kindle to feed my book habit. 'Tis very possible that I read far too much!

Currently reading

The Elixir of Death
Bernard Knight
The Manor of Death
Bernard Knight
The Baby
Abigail Barnette
Never Marry a Viscount
Anne Stuart
The King's Sister
Anne O'Brien
Worth: Lord of Reckoning
Grace Burrowes
Tangled Webs (Book 1)
Lee Bross
After the Funeral
Agatha Christie
A Stranger in the Mirror
Sidney Sheldon
The Blade of Castlemayne
Anthony Esler