The Pretty Gentleman

The Pretty Gentleman - Max Fincher I feel like I have to give two marks: one for the story and one for the presentation.

The actual story was quite gripping and it had a good Georgian feel, I enjoyed it as far as it went even though the lead character George was that rather ultra naive type you find in novels of the period. As a reader I spent a lot of time waiting for the shoe to drop and despite the almost overwhelming odds against George, I think it ended satisfactorily. From a purely story viewpoint I would read more from this author.

Unfortunately the presentation left a great deal to be desired. The formatting was beyond strange. Many of the pages had one line per page which was frustrating when you just wanted the read! there was HUGE gaps in between paragraphs as well which were unnecessary and distracting. Frankly it was hard work reading this, which is a shame as once I stuck with the book, I actually enjoyed the characters and story-line. Had I not persevered, I would have given up on what turned out to be a good story.

The cover was also not very interesting and the title and author didn't stand out on it which wasn't very helpful. I seriously think a new cover design would work wonders!

So the plot and character would have got a 3.5 or even a 4 but the formatting and presentation knocked it right down to a 1 maybe a 2 (if I were being generous!)