Roselynde (Signature Select)

Roselynde - Roberta Gellis Tbh I enjoyed the historical detail and thought it read as more of a historical fiction than a romance novel but I didn't really like Simon or Alinor that much. I found Alinor very irritating at times they were constantly arguing about atupid things and then making up, there was a big age gap between the two which personally didn't work for me (but that's a personal quirk)In the end I just didn't really believe that they actually liked each other that much.

I think you'd enjoy this if you like fiction set in the Middle Ages such as Elizabeth Chadwick or Maurice Druon. Even fans of Game of Thrones would probably get something out of it.

I wish I could give it more than two stars and it probably deserves three but I just found Simon and Alinor so annoying I couldn't in all honesty.